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Eyes like espresso so black


Eyes like espresso so black, eyelashes to the moon, soft lips that are meant to be kissed. Eyes like a summer forest, brown and green and golden sparkles. 

Eyes like a glacier river, blue and disturbing – looking right through me, touching me uncomfortably brutal  somewhere deep down in my heart.  

Wishing these eyes will last on me forever, wishing I could escape them for a little while. Do you see what I think you see?  

Am I the open book I am afraid of being?  

Are you able to read my thoughts and feelings? 

Eyes like espresso so black, I feel you undressing me. 

Layer by layer, clothing the color of a grey ocean uncovering pale skin.  

Revealing inches of my body I do not like. 

Don’t they bother you too?  

Feet like lion paws, thumbs too short and too thick. 

Black hair on parts of my body where no flower is meant to grow. 

Skin that has aged too early, legs too strong for the rest of my body. 

Hoping the dullness of the night will hide it all from you. 

But tell me, eyes like espresso so black, how will you see me in bright sunlight?





Felt fine until I got to know you better.

Afraid of not being as good, as smart, as kind, as talented as you.

Asked if you had any weaknesses.

There were very few.

Need to stop feeling intimidated.

How lucky am I that you can teach me so many things?

But what have I to offer?




No longer a stranger


But there is still so much to discover.

Body and mind

Map and maze at the same time.

Which door to push open, which road to take?

Will I ask the right questions, know the right answers to get to the heart?

Unlock it, and then?

Can we discover body and mind together?

Shape and build each other stronger, softer?

No more barriers to protect ourselves.

But please, promise, if we unlock our hearts

Let us protect them together.


Becoming Us

by Anambar Aditya Chaudhury (Maison de L’Inde)

Here are shards of our broken belief

Which we once protected most

Once we cherished most

Now, we are Naked to each other

There is no more pretention

No more fear of losing each other

We are not anymore scared

We realise the meaning of us

The faith has become deeper

The love becomes more natural

Because we have become what we really are,

We are becoming Us.



Just let it go

by Zeineb Bouassida (Maison de la Tunisie)

Tonight, I feel like writing, writing the thoughts that are

crossing my mind these days. Since the day I heard

about this huge epidemic I couldn’t have imagined it

would cause this amount of trouble and reach this level

of attention. I am observing today everything taking a

huge break. Our jobs, our studies, our nights out,

workouts, trips basically everything! Isn’t that what we

used to name LIFE? Am I wrong? But what if it’s not?

Does really your life is your position in work, your

balance in the bank account or your grades at school?

Well, maybe you should take a break for a minute and

observe the present moment. Where are you? At home

having lunch with your family members. Definitely! We

no more have the right to leave our homes. Now let’s

come back to the present, you are here, in your home

surrounded by your family eating lunch. You are not

worrying about the work you must deliver or the bill

you must pay because as I said everything is taking a

break. Own that moment, live it fully and enjoy every

detail. Talk to your mom, ask your father about his day,

enjoy the company of your relatives and engage in deep

conversations with them.

We made life’s facilities as priorities and we

neglected the precious things who made us what we

are today. What if we are called to this shutdown on

purpose? To be grateful for the things we have and to

let go of the things we can’t control. I would call this

epidemic a huge phenomenon who left us humans in

this planet speechless, not knowing the effective

solution no matter how powerful we think we are.

We’re humans, we’re limited,and we will always be.

Limited in front of mother nature. This nature is

today leaving us a very wise message. “We will never

be in definite control of everything going on in this

universe”. Maybe you are thinking you are weak or

powerless when you hear that. But you know what?

You’re not! Take off the burden you’re carrying

around your shoulders. You know why? Cause it’s

fine! Everything will be okay in the end and If it’s not

okay then definitely it’s not the end.

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