A Painful Sacrifice


From the ashes I rise

From the grounds to the skies

The dream never dies

The longing never subsides

I know my worth, I know the price

I know it all, I’m not playing dice

Looks like death, sounds like vice

But it’s a rebirth, a painful sacrifice

Lost in a maze

Starting off with the base

A question to raise

Is it a transition phase?

Call me crazy, call me insane

Can’t constrain me in a chain

The structure is unstable to maintain

Holding on causes only more pain

Start all over again

Initate a campaign

Call all forces to remain

There’s a goal to attain

The session will expire

Aim for the higher

Ignite the fire

Of the eternal desire

Willing to risk it all

Vision is clear and whole

So loud is the call

Such is a wise fearless soul

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